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Chameleon Glass


Pipe - Chameleon Glass - PENIS GLASS PIPE

Pipe - Chameleon Glass - PENIS GLASS PIPE

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Meet Mr. Johnson, our newly updated Penis Glass Pipe. Constructed of 1 inch wide Pyrex glass, Mr. Johnson is a stout fellow with plenty of girth for the job. More of an insider than other company operatives, Mr. Johnson is no stranger to public life and appreciates a firm handshake when the deal closes. The update to our penis glass pipe design offers a more anatomically accurate depiction of the Glans (tip), Veins and Scrotum (ballsack).

The Color Change Johnson features Silver fume on the Shaft and Scrotum, which will turn blue unless held properly, while the Glans is fumed with Gold for a purple and pink color change for your Purple Helmeted Warrior of Love….

The Black Johnson offers a Glow in the Dark drip from the Glans to light the way in the dark…

Hand Made in USA

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