Twins: Two Is Wetter Than One

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SKU: AW11495-DVD

$ 10

STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Trey Turner, Evan Mercy, Alex Andrews, Erik Riot, Hayden Richards, Nick Thompson, Liam Rosso, Luca Rosso, Razor Riot, and Troy Halston

Another wet 'n' wild classic from Chi Chi LaRue. Hard bodies, hot sun, and dripping wet sex, as only Chi Chi can give.

Starring identical twins Liam and Luca Rosso and C1R Discoveries Erik and Razor Riot, Two Is Wetter Than One boasts a hard-fucking, cum-splattering buffet of endless wet action. The movie also features the return of classic actor Troy Halston and introduces newcomer Hayden Richards, as well as showcases Alex Andrews, Evan Mercy, Nick Thomson, and Trey Turner.

KEYWORDS: Latin, Solo, 3 Way, Blow Job, Caucasian, Posing, Tattoos, and Spitting

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