Collection: Eduardo Rocca - Circus Of Books

Eduardo Rocca was born in the small European country of Bulgaria in a family of a Bulgarian mother and a Tunisian father. Living part of his adolescence as a gay person in the very homophobic environment of the Arabic country of Tunisia had a dramatic influence on his art. 

His positive LGBTQ+ art collection is designed for all queer people that feel free and want to make a statement through his artwork. Eduardo Rocca doesn’t comply with any taboos and his over-the-top art pieces express the “secret” sexual desires of any queer person.  

The artist explores the new 3D printing technology in his artworks and hand-paints all his pieces with love and excitement. Eduardo Rocca is invited to participate in various events in Europe and the US scheduled for 2022 but Circus of Books is the first place where you can physically see his art pieces. 

Currently Exhibiting at Gallery@Circus West - 8861 Santa Monica Blvd