Danny Warhole - The Act

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$ 90

'The Act'

Framed 8”x10”Print

“The Act” is an original artwork designed and drawn digitally by the artist, Danny Warhole. Drawn in Dannys signature style, he uses straight lines to create shadows and contours on the otherwise flat sketch. It is professional printed on card stock, and the back of the image is signed.

“The Act” was created from a desire to depict the most intimate moments between two people from the angle of one person engaging in “the act” with out showing the other one or the actual intercourse. Just like the title, the drawing tells you what’s going on without showing you the whole picture. It captures the human body from an angle that is usually only seen during a certain “act,” and it’s about taking a moment to appreciate each other’s beautiful lines and curves during our most intimate moments.

Currently Exhibiting at Gallery@Circus West - 8861 Santa Monica Blvd

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