Danny Warhole - Hey Cutie

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$ 75

'Hey Cutie'

Framed 5”x7” Print

“Hey Cutie” is an original artwork designed and drawn digitally by the artist, Danny Warhole. Drawn in Dannys signature style, he uses straight lines to create shadows and contours on the otherwise flat sketch. It is professional printed on card stock, and the back of the image is signed.

On it’s face, “Hey Cutie” depicts the thick, masculine torso of the leather daddy. When you see him out, you’re immediately drawn to the mountainous pectorals and bulging biceps strapped into a black, leather harness, and the scruff on his chiseled jawline. However, there’s more to this particular leather daddy. While its easy to get this leather daddy to break you, its not so easy to break through his rough exterior. When you do, you’ll find someone who loves with his whole heart and gives it all to his closest friends. He is “a rock” in every sense of the word to those who really get to know him. He is loyal, sweet, tender, and playful. He’s the kind of guy who will see you walking down the street and yell, “Hey, cutie!” He’s not the type of leather daddy that you want for just one night, he’s the type of leather daddy that you want to keep forever. 

Currently Exhibiting at Gallery@Circus West - 8861 Santa Monica Blvd

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