Danny Warhole - False God

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$ 85

'False God'

Framed 5”x7” Print

“False God” is an original artwork designed and drawn digitally by the artist, Danny Warhole. Drawn in Danny’s signature style, he uses straight lines to create shadows and contours on the otherwise flat sketch. It is professional printed on card stock, and the back of the image is signed. 

Like many of Danny’s works, “False God” is about the love between two people, even when only one of them is in the picture. This particular piece is about a couple on vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

They spend all day at the infinity pool on the top of their hotel talking about all the anecdotal things that get lost in the business of their daily lives, watching the energy of the ocean waves crash into each other. As the afternoon progresses and the sun begins to set into the sea, there is a sensual tension on the rise between them. It’s late afternoon when they go inside to shower.

They had one of those days where they can still feel the wind and sun engrained in their skin, on their faces, and through their hair, even after they shower. The late afternoon light is creating this tranquil glow in the bedroom as one of the men gets out of the shower, dries himself, and collapses onto the bed.

The other man enters the room, and he takes the picture that eventually becomes the inspiration for this drawing. In sum, this drawing captures one of those moments captured between two people in love. I can’t tell you what happened after this photo was taken, but I can say that the song “False God” by Taylor Swift played in the background…. “Religion's in your lips, even if it’s a false god…The altar is my hips, even if it’s a false god.” 

Currently Exhibiting at Gallery@Circus West - 8861 Santa Monica Blvd

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