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MANLY collects three gay erotic comics full of tenderness between masculine men! In "Busted", a hot rest stop bubba helps a tough guy Federal agent stop an escaping drug chef. They both get medals -- and then get each other... In "Clinch", a young Latino and a mature Irish boxer figure out how to engage each other on and off the boxing ring... And a Middle-Eastern hunk finds out how to get the attention of an intimidating muscle daddy he always sees at a leather/levis dive...when he sees he is a "Hot Librarian"!


"Nobody talks but everything gets said -- MANLY is a sexy mix of the rough and the smooth, a dream about sex with the sounds off." -- Alexander Chee, author of Edinburgh and The Queen of the Night

"What really makes MANLY sexy is the sex. And it's as hot as anything I've seen...but where you could predict exactly where the story was going with a Tom of Finland comic, MANLY plays with your expectations with plots driven by the characters' personalities, personalities that are more complex than being simply horny. And all this is done without dialogue or captions. It is really astonishing. Manly is both as hot as anything you've seen and still a work of art. I highly recommend it...the best gay erotica comics ever! " -Scott C. Anderson, Gay Vox


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